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Boston is a great place to live.

The city's neighborhoods are dynamic, colorful, and classic with something for everyone. Shop for a loved one or yourself in South Boston and Dorchester. See the historic sites in Charlestown and East Boston. Art exhibits dot the town and are always changing! Admire the beautiful bay.

Gather at any one of the city's temples and churches for a family event or to strengthen your own practice. Boston is the only city in America with a place to worship for everyone. We really mean everyone! The city's District of Temples, in South Boston and the Harbor Islands, is home to the nations first and only blocks with a place of worship on every corner.

Boston is also a great place to die.

Underneath Boston's vibrant exterior lie dark secrets. Anyone who's lived in Boston for more than a month can tell you: strange things happen here all the time. No building goes un-haunted, no den of miscreants leaves the spirit realm alone.

Boston is the veritable proof of what we already know: all the gods are real. Their minion spirits interact with our world every day.

Not all of them are on your side.


I'm an empath. I can't read your mind or manipulate the world with my mind - I'm not psychic. But I can understand the spirits around me living or not. Despite the dangers this can put me in, mostly it means I can help anyone with a soul!

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I was born with my powers. That means I've been a registered witch for as long as I've been alive. I'm not part of a coven, and I don't summon demons. But I can hex you, so don't tempt me.

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